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Good morning, readers! We have some exciting news to share with you today. Here are the top 10 highlights that you need to know:

1. Indian military veterans, launched through Qatar, laud PM Modi. Watch their first reactions

An Indian Navy veteran at the Delhi airport

Relieved by the end walk unfastened from Qatar jail, the seven former Indian navy officers raised chants of “Bharat Mata ki Jai” at the Delhi airport.

Seven of the eight Indian army veterans, who were released by using a Qatar courtroom months after being sentenced to loss of life on ‘espionage’ costs, heaped praises on Prime Minister Narendra Modi after on arrival in New Delhi on Monday morning. Interacting with reporterssome of the veterans claimed that they wouldn’t have been launched had it for the sustained diplomatic efforts at his behest to comfy their launch.

2. WTC, ODI World Cup, U19 WC: Australia’s hat-trick of ICC trophy domination over India in finals

Australia script a hat-trick of men’s ICC titles with U19 World Cup win

With the 79-run loss at the 2024 U19 World Cup final, India has now incurred a hat-trick of losses against Australia in ICC tournament summit clashes.

On the back of a 66-run partnership between Harjas Singh and Ryan Hicks for the fourth wicket and Oliver Peake’s resistance in the final 10 overs, Australia set a record target of 254 runs – with 253/7 being the highest-ever first-innings total by a team in the youth World Cup final. And the total seemed a lot a many for the Uday Saharan-led side on a pitch that offered pace and plenty of lateral movement.

3. Paytm share price: After a 15% fall in the last two sessions, what is in store for Vijay Shekhar Sharma-led firm’s stock?

Paytm share price: On Thursday and Friday, the stock fell 15.48 percent, wiping off ₹4,870.96 crores from its market valuation on the Sensex. All eyes will be on the Paytm stock when the market opens on Monday. The payment gateway’s shares had fallen 15 percent in the last two days of the previous trading week.

The Paytm shares had surged 10 per cent on Wednesday after rebounding over three per cent on Tuesday following three days of sharp fall(REUTERS)
The Paytm shares had surged 10 percent on Wednesday after rebounding over three percent on Tuesday following three days of sharp fall(REUTERS).

4. Super Bowl 2024: What is Temu? Chinese e-commerce player airs 3 back-to-back pricey commercials

Temu’s unexpected Super Bowl commercials raise questions about its strategies and visibility in the US market Super Bowl 2024: Forget the halftime show, the real game-changer at Super Bowl LVIII might be happening off the field. Super Bowl 2024 just got a taste of the e-commerce world with not one, but three back-to-back commercials from Temu, a rising Chinese player in the industry. This unexpected marketing move sparks curiosity: what is Temu, and how does it plan to capitalize on the biggest sporting event in the US

5. Venus Transit in Capricorn on February 12, 2024: Valentine’s Day guidelines For Zodiac signs

Aries: For Aries, who is now and then impulsive in love matters, this transit demands endurance and obligation. Romantic chances may come, however, keep away from jumping into a workplace courting. deal with tangible connections, no longer fleeting romance. If committed, choose a chic dinner in preference to going out on an adventurous date. Your companion will experience a peaceful, intimate time, faint suggestions of romance, and cherish your severe side. deliver a considerate, enduring present in place of 5d66c15bb52c020c1b13ea8ae81848a8 gesture you can’t maintain.

Taurus: This transit creates an opportunity to reinforce romantic bases for Taurus, who dreams of balance in relationships. There can be a constant struggle between thrills and protection. To prevent restlessness, respect what you have got. A grand gesture may be impossible to resist, but continually demonstrating love is greater prudent. If committed, focus on the intimacy of your relationship. Prepare dinner your sweetheart’s preferred meal, then curl up and speak about dreams. greater importantly, inform your accomplice how their unconditional love makes you experience.

Gemini: For the curious Gemini who craves novelty and exhilaration, this transit activates you to channel your prodigious mental power on one unique person. This Valentine’s Day is a notable time to transport closer to deeper vulnerability on your courting. forget social media and experience the peace of satisfactory one-on-one time. switch off your phone, look instantly into your lover’s eyes, and ask significant questions to get a higher insight into their inner international. Take time to well know your accomplice’s uniqueness. Their stable support keeps your busy mind in equilibrium.

Cancer: For the nurturing cancer whose goal is emotional safety, this transit urges you to broaden a solid basis of trust and dedication. Make Valentine’s Day a day to reaffirm the affection you’ve got. instead of falling into the entice of romantic clichés, have an open discourse on cultivating more intimacy. concentrate carefully and have a look at how you could mindfully fulfill their needs. express your emotions with tough paintings, not highly-priced offers. stay home and spend a quiet Valentine’s Day in preference to undergo crowds. Write an emotional letter explaining why your loyal associate is a pillar.

Leo: For exuberant Leo, who prospers on romantic spectacle, this transit suggests at demonstrating your love via steadfastness and reality. Take this Valentine’s Day to build the rules for a strong partnership. in preference to wondering big and making plans for a blowout night in town, spend first-class time together with your companion. demonstrate your commitment by way of acting small acts of provider that relieve them of some burden. smooth the residence, pass on a shopping spree together, and give them a calming massage. Venus in Capricorn motivates humble tokens of loyalty, no longer flashy presents.

Virgo: Use this Valentine’s Day to add intensity via small however aware gestures. in preference to indulging in unrealistic fantasies, strive for real romance. Write a romantic poem by hand, describing why you price your accomplice’s specific presence. make investments a few satisfactory time in asking meaningful questions to better understand your companion’s internal and international. listen carefully to their desires and promise your loving aid. This Valentine’s Day, take into account that actual love grows slowly with the affected person nurturing in place of sudden bursts of pleasure.

Libra: For gracious Libra who longs for peace and harmony, the need of the hour is to strengthen foundations. Use this Valentine’s Day to foster emotional ties. as opposed to grand schemes, and broaden an intimate ecosystem at home. showcase sentimental pix and art that seize cherished recollections which can be a symbol of your shared records. As you cuddle, envision dreams for your destiny collectively. Have a good time that authentic love grows slowly due to intentional devotion to little things. Nurture the roots of your relationship.

Scorpio: For the deep-thinking Scorpio who seeks real connection, it is an excellent time to create stable foundations of belief. Use the day as an opportunity to explicit what you sense and notice. Have a personal talk where you and your partner reflectively proportion what you want from the relationship. uncover the facts underneath appearances. This Valentine’s Day, recognize that lasting and fulfilling dating is steadily mounted through everyday attention, honest communication, and burning the fires of intimacy. Even small, honest tries to unselfishly treasure your associate can produce exquisite results.

Sagittarius: This transit makes you recollect a more critical and organized manner of romance. together with your courage and want for freedom, you ought to have a companion you may depend on in instances of uncertainty. Use at the moment to construct the basis of your relationships on trust and mutual admiration. Introduce conventional and commitment factors into your celebrations. display your love through acts of kindness and service, a manifestation of commitment. Take the danger to demonstrate your potential as a reliable associate inclined and ready to construct their future with you.

Capricorn: Venus in Capricorn makes your romantic interests greater practical. Partnerships will probably be cognizant of long-term goals, financial balance, and sensible worries. This transit urges you to address troubles of the coronary heart slowly, responsibly, and steadily, aiming at constructing something that lasts. Your love language is realistic gestures like planning a thoughtful date or displaying affection via acts of service. similarly, do not forget to be open about your desires and dreams for the connection, making sure of mutual know-how of desires.

Aquarius: As an Aquarius, you like and need innovation and originality in the whole lot, consisting of romance. This Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to move beyond the norm and locate innovative means of showing your love. strive for something spontaneous like a surprise adventure, share new stories, or have significant conversations that deepen your connection. Don’t neglect that although Venus in Capricorn promotes balance, it doesn’t suggest you must give up your forte and unpredictability. permit the quirkiness of this present day to be a reflection of you.

Pisces: The practicality of lifestyles may appear daunting for the inventive and romantic Pisces. but this is a risk to mix Piscean intuition with Capricornian information. Channel the energies of Capricorn and plan a thoughtful gesture for your beloved. whether or not it’s a handwritten letter revealing your private emotions or an exquisitely deliberate date, concentrate on constructing memories based totally on genuineness and commitment. recollect, Pisces love is aware of no bounds while imbued with purpose and practicality. Take advantage of this transit to set up a company basis for your relationships.

That’s it for today’s top 10 highlights. Stay tuned for more news and updates. Have a great day!

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